Primary activity

The main activity is cooperation in the development and research projects of industrial partners in the field of chemical development.


  • Conducting complex research into the structures and physiochemical properties of materials;
  • development, optimization, validation of analytical methods;
  • general advice in the optimization of chemical processes;
  • demonstration of the operation of the instruments and education of future users.

The research team

Dr. Igor Shlyapnikov
Head of MCT LAB
Representative of the classical university school of thermodynamics with specialization in thermal analysis and calorimetry techniques...
Simon Slejko
Expert in chemical technology with twenty years of experience in chemical analytics (GC-MS, HPLC, LC-MS / MS),...
Gordan Dinter
Expert in quality control and analytics development with experience working in pharmaceutical GMP / GLP laboratories...
Yaroslav Shlyapnikov
Specialist in the field of mass spectrometry with experience in various MS techniques. He began his research career in high-temperature...